About Us

Last Update: 1 November, 2021 | Information Created

About Us

Who Are We

Hosting Evim is an organization that was founded in 2019 and is developing itself day by day and will continue to develop. Our team is growing day by day and it is a formation that progresses within the framework of respect, sincerity and trust with its teammates. The 8-year experience of the founding members of our team is blended with the help and efforts of our other members and presented to you. We do our best not to compromise on quality and to avoid exorbitant prices.

Our Aim

To move forward with a policy of low price and high quality against the structures that suck the blood of the consumers in the market, to serve as much as we can, at a lower price than the prices of the Turkish IT sector, to give the right of the money we receive, in all areas, to always keep the satisfaction at a high level, to minimize the victimization, to be honest and reliable. It is among our main objectives to do business in such a way as to comply with every law that our state puts into practice.

Our Priorities

Our priorities and values; business ethics, business quality, originality, change, development, producing solutions, not problems. We never stop developing and changing. We keep up with the world's technology, which is changing and developing day by day. Breaking stereotyped perceptions in the industry is one of our top priorities. We produce solutions for our customers and business partners, not problems.

What We Provide

While DDoS Protection is one of our top priorities, we attach importance to uninterrupted service. We provide satisfaction and quality service. We provide the lowest cost, highest quality service so you don't look for alternatives.