Our Infrastructure

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Infrastructure Information

General Infrastructure

Our Turkey Location servers are located in the Turkey/Netbudur HostingEvim DC infrastructure and are hosted on a 10 Gbp/s line. 2x5 Gbps redundant disaster line is kept ready against outages. 1 Gbp/s port is connected to all of our servers and there is no traffic limitation. An equal amount of 10 Gbp/s uplink is shared. The infrastructure is supported on the NetBudur side by Turktelekom, Superonline, and because it passes through the Turktelekom line, it stands out as the data center with the lowest ping rate. The ping rate is at the lowest levels on each platform, and this number varies depending on the user's internet value. Internet connection All servers are guaranteed at 500 Mbp/s..

Turkey Location DDoS Protection

The network traffic of our Turkey location servers is filtered through a DDoS-Mitigator device called HARPP. This device is used in only a few companies in Turkey. We filter network traffic with a HARPP (DDoS-Mitigator) device instead of microthic, non-OEM-style healthy, non-intended-use devices. JUL traffic is filtered up to 99% and we offer completely clean and usable traffic to our valued users. We offer Voxility filtering option to our customers who want overseas location filtering. With HARPP, DNS AMP and subtype list attacks, IP Spoofing, ICMP-style attack types are filtered by 99%. At the same time, the network structure is redundant on a 2x5 Gbp/s line. The line to the servers comes via a 10 Gbp/s uplink. If an attack is detected that breaks the firewall rule structure, it is automatically logged and redirected directly to an active and experienced unit in its field to be pacified. Now you won't have to worry about DDoS Protection anymore.

Russia Location DDoS Protection

We use StormWall DDoS Protection service, the largest DDoS Protection company in Russia, on our servers in Russia. What is StormWall? It provides up to 99% ddos protection at Layer 3 and Layer 4. UDP packets are filtered 24/7. TCP packets(ACK, SYN, PSH, RST, etc.) malicious packages are disabled from the network by being constantly examined. The botnet is blocked by stressor-derived methods hex and packet-based and is constantly updating itself. Old-fashioned solutions such as overseas shutdown, country restriction, IP blocking are not used Without blocking, incoming malicious traffic is filtered through firewall devices and transferred to the user. It offers an infrastructure of up to 2.1 Tbp/s and disables malicious UDP packets up to this size from the network. Up to 675 Gbp/s, the null system is not activated. There are 3 Disaster Networks with a bandwidth of 150 Gbp/s in the Russian data center. Even in a data center-wide outage, the network is switched to the disaster line section, which is currently idle. As a result of the tests we have seen and conducted, we have also experienced for ourselves that there are no packet losses, delays, interrupts up to 384 Gbp/s - 43m PP/s.

Germany Location DDoS Protection

Our servers in Germany are sourced from the OVH data center and are protected by Arbor.What is OVH? OVH is a company that provides internet service even to countries and has data centers and infrastructure in many countries around the world. It provides infrastructure up to 980 Gbp/s and uses Arbor on all its servers without exception. Arbor 2.6 provides the user with a ddos protection infrastructure without activating a null system up to Tbp/s. It provides up to 90% ddos protection at Layer 3 and Layer 4. UDP and TCP packets are filtered only when they switch to Arbor permanent mode. Arbor is in continuous sensor mode. When an attack occurs above a certain level, arbor switches to perm mode and starts the filtering process. The botnet is blocked by stressor-derived methods hex and packet-based and is constantly updating itself. Arbor works based on IP blocking. That is why StormWall is lagging behind in comparison. But still today it comes before many ddos protection services.

Italy Location DDoS Protection

With Italy location geolocation, services are provided from Germany to Italy in the form of IP announcements. Although the main location of the servers is the Germany/Hetzner data center, DDoS protection is based on Voxility. The Enterprise Anti-DDoS Protection infrastructure implemented by Voxility is used in some regions and filters flood traffic up to 97%. Botnet, stressor, subnet and class attacks, DNS AMP attacks, NTP and Memcache attacks are also completely blocked by the XDP-based firewall structure. The XDP configuration is being developed by the team within our company and a 10 Gbp/s network is offered to our customers who receive game server services.