SERVICE Agreement & Terms of Use

Last Update: 1 November, 2021 | Contract Created

Service Agreement

This Document is the Distance Sales Agreement between Hostingevim and its customers.

"Hostingevim" / Hostingevim IT Services / Service Provider" operating as a service provider on the electronic environment, receiving service, ordering, receiving support from itself, The person who has a commercial connection with Hostingevim will be referred to as "Service Area and CUSTOMER" in the continuation of the contract.


The content of this contract will contribute to the attention of the CUSTOMER regarding the uses offered by the service provider and also to the CUSTOMER to know her own rights. contains elements.


The validity period of this contract is that the CUSTOMER places an order with the company providing the service and makes a payment using the payment channels of the company providing the service (Online Payment / Wire Transfer & EFT / Credit Card). or by making a commitment to do so without paying and choosing the period of time (Monthly/3 Months/6 Months/1 Years/2 Years/3 Years) for the service to be received. When the term of service expires When the CUSTOMER has no amount to pay, the validity of the contract expires.


The CUSTOMER sends the Physical Server to be hosted and used by Hostingevim and/or belongs to Hostingevim (HOSTING, RESELLER, VIRTUAL SERVER, PHYSICAL SERVER, MAİL SERVER, IP ADDRESS) and general services in parentheses, other than the use of all services that are not included in the contract but that Hostingevim have sold electronically. declares that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions.

CUSTOMER, by confirming the preliminary information electronically, before the conclusion of the distance contracts; address, basic features of the ordered products and services, payment price including taxes, and payment confirms that the information is correct and complete.


The Physical Server sent to be hosted and used by CUSTOMER will be securely hosted on the cabinet served by Hostingevim. Hostingevim as a result of the orders and payments made by the CUSTOMER to use the services belonging to Hostingevim and provided by Hostingevim, CUSTOMER sends its products and services to the e-mail address in the CUSTOMER record created by CUSTOMER on website. also The information will be processed in the CUSTOMER panel on In addition, service information provided outside of these channels will be deemed invalid.


Hostingevim will provide the services delivered as an order upon the request of the CUSTOMER if the payment is made in advance. Payments not made in advance Hostingevim does not have to wait until the day the CUSTOMER undertakes to pay, and is not obliged to provide service.

Hostingevim, after the orders made by the CUSTOMER electronically, in the product delivery, the CUSTOMER's Hostingevim on the website will deliver it to the e-mail address on the registration created and start the service. Incorrect e-mail or personal information regarding the delivered product (phone number, e-mail, address information, name and surname, The CUSTOMER is responsible for the damages that may occur due to the Identification Number).

Hostingevim, within the framework of the services it provides, technical problems of the CUSTOMER in writing on, where it operates, under the "Support Request" section. will receive and respond to the received requests under the "Support Request" section. The scope of technical support is limited only to the service provided. Technical support service to be provided as an extra, scope of service provided Otherwise, it is entirely at Hostingevim> whether to support or not.

In operating systems valid for physical and virtual servers, CUSTOMER, Hostingevim delivers services other than the operating system. The software and services (game and sound programs, hosting software, etc.) installed by the CUSTOMER are outside the scope of technical support. From 3rd party software, platforms, individuals, trojans, viruses, All damages caused by sources such as keyloggers are under the responsibility of CUSTOMER.

During the service provided by Hostingevim, the main backbone problems on the network it has served, server failures, data center or by CUSTOMER breakdown and maintenance work, etc. is not responsible for any resulting interruptions.

In accordance with this article, no responsibility is accepted due to the finesse in the maintenance work done on the basis of the CUSTOMER getting better service. Hostingevim is responsible for announcing all maintenance work carried out on a "plan" basis.

Hostingevim offers free backup service only on HOSTING and RESELLER services in case of BACKUP in the services it provides. PHYSICAL SERVER, VIRTUAL SERVER etc. It does not offer any backup services on the Services, free of charge. All backups within these services belong to the CUSTOMER itself. Hardware-related problems Hostingevim will not be responsible for any data that will be lost due to this and will be considered as the problem of the customer with backup obligation.

At the same time, Hostingevim also provides free of charge HOSTING backups due to its own request, because it provides services without charge, incomplete backup or deletion of the desired backup, etc. will not be liable for force majeure.

Technical support hours cannot go beyond the hours determined by Hostingevim. Outside of the specified hours, Hostingevim is obliged to provide technical support to CUSTOMER is not. The phrase "24/7 Support" on the website pages varies according to the availability and times of Hostingevim management, team and employees.


Personal data of the parties directly related to the conclusion of the contract in accordance with this Agreement

It can be processed in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and dated 24.03.2016. In this sense, the Customer's T.R identification number, name, surname, e-mail address, address; CUSTOMER legal person In addition, tax office and tax number information is obtained. This information is used for the establishment and execution of the contract.

It is the necessary information for

; It has been activated after the agreement has been approved by the statement that I have read and accept the agreement in electronic environment while receiving service.

CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to use the services purchased in accordance with the TERMS OF USE OF SERVICE on

Included in the service; All problems related to information, documents, software, installation and adjustment of licenses and the use of software are the responsibility of the customer, and Hostingevim cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur within all these details.

3rd party services included in the web hosting and server services purchased by the CUSTOMER, harmful content, sharing, elements outside the laws of T.C. In any way, Hostingevim cannot be held responsible, in case of problems arising from these reasons, CUSTOMER declares that she/he accepts it because it makes the contract valid. MyHostinghouse, notifies that he will forward the customer information to the necessary institutions and organizations in order to eliminate the problem arising due to the problems.

If HostingEvim detects the hosting of content that does not comply with the above-mentioned Turkish laws within the services received accordingly, it may be suspended without any warning.

At the same time, Hostingevim is not responsible for controlling, monitoring or controlling whether these contents are hosted or not. As a result of the complaints received and the determinations made, the service is directly as terminated.

If the CUSTOMER violates the rules, Hostingevim has the right to take necessary actions without any warning, to take the member out of the service, to terminate her membership. acknowledges and undertakes that

In operating systems valid for physical and virtual servers, CUSTOMER, Hostingevim delivers services other than the operating system. The software and services (game and sound programs, hosting software, etc.) installed by the CUSTOMER are outside the scope of technical support. From 3rd party software, platforms, individuals, trojans, viruses, All damages caused by sources such as keyloggers are under the responsibility of CUSTOMER.

The channels that the CUSTOMER who receives service from Hostingevim should contact for technical support, pre-sales support and other issues are called "Support" on "Create Request" has been determined as, Apart from these, the correspondence, arguments, documents on 3rd party software (skype, discord, whatsapp, telegram, etc.) Hostingevim is not responsible for any of them and these materials will have no legal basis. At the same time, Hostingevim will not accept any correspondence other than the official channels specified.

CUSTOMER should check the accuracy of the information entered before the activation of the service received from Hostingevim, and correct if incorrect. Customer receiving service from Hostingevim NAME AND SURNAME, ADDRESS, ID NO, MOBILE PHONE NUMBER should be declared correctly. Hostingevim may request the correctness of this information to be proved when it deems necessary. If CUSTOMER does not declare the requested information, Hostingevim reserves the right to cancel the service. CUSTOMER is responsible for any problems that may arise due to incorrect entry of the above-mentioned information.


The CUSTOMER must send the price of the service to the bank accounts determined and shared by Hostingevim, but use the "Credit Card" payment method on and should not apply to any other payment channel.

Hostingevim will contact the customer in case of problems that occur when CUSTOMER receives but the payment is not made within the time frame promised by CUSTOMER. Due to the exchange rate difference that occurred during the service and support provided by Hostingevim, upon the CUSTOMER forwarding a time zone beyond the promised time zone. A 10% default interest may apply to the CUSTOMER.

In the event that the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions of the Law No. 3095 on Legal Interest and Default Interest is higher than the interest rate accepted with this article, the Parties shall determine the default interest rate to be applied in commercial transactions as per the law. accept that the default interest rate will be applied. Interest, also if Hostingevim files a lawsuit or enforcement proceeding for all kinds of receivables arising from this contract, declares, accepts and undertakes to pay the attorney's fee and all other legal expenses in advance in accordance with the provisions of this contract without the need for any further warning or notice.

Hostingevim offers the opportunity to return the services it provides within 3 working days. The service to be refunded must not have been damaged in any way by the CUSTOMER. Failure of Hostingevim to intervene in the factors not covered by TECHNICAL SUPPORT as a result of the mistakes made by the CUSTOMER> will not be counted as a reason for return.

The scope of TECHNICAL SUPPORT has been mentioned in detail in accordance with the service contract and it has been declared that it has been accepted and committed when the customer approves the service contract.


  • For the products, services and elements listed above, it has been declared by Hostingevim that they are out of the scope of returnability.

    The CUSTOMER, which indicates the balance loaded on the system for the purchase of products and services, or the form of return as a balance, cannot request a cashback through Hostingevim.

    The balance is entered into the records of Hostingevim as a prepayment and the commitment of the CUSTOMER to shop through the company.



    If the elements other than Hostingevim technical support service are not able to get Hostingevim to be made by CUSTOMER, she tries to get a refund by giving up, or gives up arbitrarily, program working in the first stage and not working in the next stages and the termination of the service of its own elements, illegal uses (ddos, spam, etc.). Such applications cause the return to be invalid.


    Web hosting provided by Hostingevim offers the opportunity to return within 3 working days in Reseller services. For annual purchases, this period can be extended to 7 working days. Maximum over product purchase date It should not exceed 3 days. Return agreement cannot be used for expired product purchases.

    CUSTOMER can access all general content regarding REFUND FEE via the product return agreement on This article in the content of the service contract It is presented to the CUSTOMER for informational purposes only. The CUSTOMER, who declares that he/she accepts the service agreement, also accepts that he/she has read the product return agreement.

    8- Resource Usage


  • 100% or more of the resources of the system used in service procurement cannot be used for 180 seconds or more. A resource upgrade is requested to the CLIENTS of sites and servers that are constantly 100% usable. If the request is turned down, it is reduced to the hard limit with 25% processor. Limits vary according to given CPU and features.
  • With the exception of the website content, content unrelated to the website cannot be kept.
  • Personal content cannot be stored under the picture, video, music gallery.
  • Cannot be used for archival purposes for any content.
  • Files intended for sharing cannot be hosted (files with extensions such as zip, rar, etc.)
  • Backups of websites with a disk usage size of 5GB or more are not taken by the system.
  • The database service cannot be used as a remote server.• Illegal content about the regulation of broadcasts on the internet NO 5651 and the fight against crimes committed through these broadcasts,
  • Toplist Sites
  • IRC Scripts / Bots
  • IRCD (IRC Servers)
  • Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers
  • Content that may cause phishing/phishing
  • Picture Scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic)
  • Auto Surf / PTC / PTS / PPC Sites
  • IP Scanners
  • Bruteforce Programs / Scripts / Applications
  • E-Mail Bombers / Spam Scripts
  • Banner Conversion Networks (Commercial banner conversion sites)
  • File Upload / Mirror Scripts (such as Rapidshare, Hotfile)
  • Commercial Audio / Radio broadcasting sites
  • Foreclosure / Bank debt securities
  • High interest programs (HYIP) or associated sites
  • Investment sites (FOREX, E-gold exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Ponzi scheme)
  • Card top-up sites
  • Lack of necessary permits for the sale of substances controlled by the state
  • High interest banking programs
  • Lotto / Gambling Sites
  • MUDs / RPGs / PBBGs
  • Hacker-oriented sites / archives / programs
  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Forums or other websites that distribute or link to Warez / pirated / illegal content
  • Bank debt securities and their clearing programs
  • Fake Sites (including, but not limited to, those identified at &
  • Mailer Pro etc. email marketing / shipping sites
  • Software for sending emails by clicking the button
  • Broadcasting of live sports competitions (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF etc.)
  • Automatic send to friend software
  • Anonymous or bulk SMS sending applications
  • Bitcoin Etc. Sites related to Miners, Barter, Exchange, Trading
  • PayDay Debt sites (Programs related to PayDay debts or debt partnerships)
  • Child pornography
  • Any other illegal activity that does not mentioned above.
  • Cannot host or offer to host the above content. It is not the responsibility of Hostingevim to control and moderate illegal hosted content.


    CUSTOMER purchases Online and by EFT/Money Transfer, valid for all purchases made on Hostingevim.

    In Online Payment transactions, Hostingevim, which has an automated billing system, does not reflect any amount in online payments to the customer.

    Hostingevim, the deductions made by the intermediary virtual pos company, the online payment deduction amount from the CUSTOMER's overpayments or Balance transactions made via REFER/EFT methods It collects as much and reflects it by deducting.

    10- TAXATION

    Hostingevim's current TAX LAWS valid in the Republic of Turkey applies to your purchases made through, which is provided by

    In addition to all services, 18% VAT is charged. Current pricing and situations arising from changes in tax laws are outside the responsibility of Hostingevim and exactly reflected in the contract.


    There is no resource, original, warez, nulled, file sharing in any way on game servers. The only meaning of servers being sold as game servers is that they have DDoS Protection tailored to game ports and packets. Apart from these, no add-on package, file package or game panel is offered. The only difference from VDS Servers is that they are delivered to the customer with Game Filter feature. Hostingevim company will take the initiative to ban the reported IP address and suspend the service, if the use of copyrighted and should not be used files is reported via abuse mail. Apart from this, HostingEvim is not responsible for controlling it. Cannot be held responsible for the use of copyrighted files.


    Bursa Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract. In addition, the parties accept notifications to the address and e-mail address they provide under this contract; Contact They are obliged to notify the other party of changes in their information within 7 days at the latest. Otherwise, notifications or e-mail notifications to be sent to the addresses given during the contract shall be deemed to have reached the other party.


    The sites / content listed below are not allowed to be hosted on our servers

    All other content, including child pornography, that could potentially harm children and minors is strictly prohibited. Any website containing child pornography or links to it will be discontinued immediately without notice.


    It is our top priority to provide smooth and high standards of service to all our users. The rules and limits mentioned in the package details have been determined within the scope of this priority. According to this; consumption of disk, traffic, CPU and other resources. It is not allowed to be at a level that will adversely affect our main system and our users who share this system.

    All our individual and corporate users have the right to use a healthy e-mail service. All other measures we take, such as our zero-tolerance policy against spam, are about ensuring the continuity of this service.

    We are aware that no matter what service they have, their data can be valuable to our users. However, we do not know how much this value is. If this value is more than the monthly value of the hosting service fee from our users We wait for them to let us know. For this reason, we recommend that our users regularly back up their sites on their computers, even if they receive backup service. Regardless of the service each of our users receives, We want him to know that he is 100% responsible for taking backups. In case of possible data loss, even if additional backup service has not been purchased from us, we have backups taken against system errors. We will be happy to share these backups with them, if any.

    We would like to state that our packages and the resources and limits of the packages are always controlled on the basis of good-faith use, and all transactions are carried out with this principle in mind.

    Insulting any of our employees / displaying rude behavior will result in the suspension / termination of your account / the service / services you receive. In such a case, your membership will be terminated without any refund. and the contract will be terminated.