Server Status Page

You can follow our server status on this page.

Server Ping Anti-DDoS Status
Web Site Server Active
Client Area Server Active
Turkey Location Server Active
Italy Location Server Active
Russia Location Server Active
Germany Location Server Offline
Poland Location Server Offline

Server ping statuses are updated every 1.5 seconds. Server general statuses are updated every 15 minutes.

Current Status

3 June, 2021

Servers are placed in Turkey/Netbudur Data Center.
Our servers have been serving uninterruptedly in Turkey/Netbudur since 4 June, 2021.

Servers moved from Turkey/Radore Data Center.
Data center location was changed due to hosting, network capacity, high ping.

Past Status

14 May, 2021

High ping improvement
Improved high ping caused by Voxility on Turkey Servers.
Maintenance (GMT +3): 03:19 - 04:02

29 April, 2021

IPv4 routing arrangement
Router has been edited.
Maintenance (GMT +3): 01:52 - 02:02

13 March, 2021

IPv4 Exchange
Subnet changed due to IPv4 addresses blacklisting issues.
Maintenance (GMT +3): 02:00 - 04:00

1 June, 2020

Service Start
After the incubation period of 3 months, the service started.

Want status updates?

Our engineers and developers are always doing their very best to monitor, maintain and update our infrastructure to ensure high performance and reliability.